Frequently Asked Questions
I am visiting Hay-on-Wye on a weekend or Bank Holiday, are the shops open?
You'll find that most shops in Hay are open, yes !
I would like to visit Hay during the Xmas period. Will the Bookshops be open?
Generally you will find most Bookshops closed on Xmas day (25th Dec), the Bank Holiday (26th Dec), and New Year's day (1st Jan). You may find some Bookshops open on Bank Holiday, but if in doubt, phone ahead first to confirm.
I would like to visit Hay over the Xmas period - will there be a Thursday market?
The Thursday Market is open over the Christmas and New Year period. The New Year Market may be a reduced market, with more of a focus on crafts and flea traders. If either Christmas or New Year falls on a Thursday, it changes to a different day, but you'll find it still running!
I am a journalist / author, and wish to write an article about Hay-on-Wye. Are there any images that I can download to help with such an article ?
We have a number of images available in our standard 'press pack' - please contact us and we'll do our best to help.
I would like information about Hay Festival, or to register for a programme...
Please register your interest on this page.
I am an artist / author, and would like to participate in an event at Hay Festival...
Please visit the Hay Festival FAQ page HERE.
I am looking for 'such and such' a book....
You will need to contact each Bookshop with your enquiries, as we do not currently have a single database of books in Hay-on-Wye.
I have a large number of books that I no longer want, and wish to sell...
Please contact each Bookshop for details.
Where are the Public Toilets ?
Toilets can be located next to the Tower Clock, and at the Craft Centre, top of the main car park (please note there is a small fee for use of the toilets).

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