Frequently Asked Questions
I am visiting Hay-on-Wye on a weekend or Bank Holiday, are the shops open?
You'll find that most shops in Hay are open, yes !
I am a journalist / author, and wish to write an article about Hay-on-Wye. Are there any images that I can download to help with such an article ?
We have a number of images available in our standard 'press pack' - please contact us and we'll do our best to help.
I would like information about Hay Festival, or to register for a programme...
Please register your interest on this page.
I am an artist / author, and would like to participate in an event at Hay Festival...
Please visit the Hay Festival FAQ page HERE.
I am looking for 'such and such' a book....
You will need to contact each Bookshop with your enquiries, as we do not currently have a single database of books in Hay-on-Wye.
I have a large number of books that I no longer want, and wish to sell...
Please contact each Bookshop for details.
Where are the Public Toilets ?
Toilets can be located next to the Tower Clock, and at the Craft Centre, top of the main car park (please note there is a small fee for use of the toilets).

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